Boria Asli Omara di Festival Boria 2014

Isnin, November 03, 2014


Sebahagian petikan tulisan Pauline Fan dalam akhbar New Sunday Times keluaran 12 Oktober 2014.
Pak Omar Hashim, 60, a famed boria exponent and performer, has been performing since he was a teenager. Growing up in the 1960’s in Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai, Pak Omar often watched the itinerant Boria troupes that wandered from door to door during festive seasons or on makeshift stages.
Pak Omar first attempted to direct and choreograph his own boria performance while he was in Standard Five for an annual school show. This performance was enthusiastically received by his teachers, parents and friends, encouraging Pak Omar to continue his journey into the world of Boria.
Pak Omar soon joined the Bukit Mertajam Youth Association and started performing with their boria youth group, known as Kumpulan Boria Belia Bisma Simpang Empat, Bukit Mertajam. This is where Pak Omar sharpened his skills in composing Boria lyrics and as a musician, playing the harmonica. He also continued actively performing in school, even helping his team win the Boria school-championship of Penang. He later became involved with Bukit Mertajam Kumred Association and Seberang Perai Kudrat Association, where he first took on the role of leading a Boria troupe.
Pak Omar founded his own troupe in 2000, doing many boria programmes for radio, television, and local events. Blessed with creativity and versatility, Pak Omar has mastered both the asli (original) and modern styles of boria and is thus able to cater for various audiences and occasions. Since 2008, Pak Omar’s group has been known as Kumpulan Boria Omara (Omara Boria Group) and features the vivacious singer, actress and dancer, Aida Elias.
In recognition of his passionate dedication to the boria tradition, Pak Omar received, on Oct 10, the title and award of Tokoh Boria (Boria master) from the Penang Artistes’ Association.

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