Boria Asli Omara di Festival Boria 2014

Selasa, Ogos 11, 2009

Boria Di Padang Kota, Pulau Pinang 15 Ogos 2009

This Saturday, be mesmerized by the Malay culture of Penang through the local Boria and Malay Traditional Dance at the Penang Esplanade. Witness this show of traditional culture for a delightful 90 minutes and learn the true roots of the Penang Malay culture with its colourful costumes and friendly persona.

The month of August focuses

on the various religion of Penang culture each week. Through these entertaining shows, the world is able to see the uniqueness of each race in Penang living together in peaceful harmony.
Don't miss out on this eye-opening event of the melting pot of

culture and religion in Penang! Bring your friends and family for an entertaining Saturday night of catchy Malay tunes under the bright starry stars!

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